Saturday, May 10, 2008

Laptop Chargers

Everybody’s in search for the perfect battery for laptop and to go with it, laptop chargers of course. I have had several encounters with the battery that refuses to cooperate with me when I’m in a terrible rush to meet a deadline. See when you’re student in a university that has this grotesque manner of assessing you when you use their electric outlets, you are definitely in a no-good situation. I knew my laptop battery power was at its full mode then and I was all set. Little did I know that my battery for laptop was planning on snubbing me, hence making me resort to the unthinkable, the internet café. Give me a break. This pseudo cafés don’t even have regular coffee on their menu let alone the house and trance mood you experience at a real coffee shop. But thank God laptop chargers have their recognizable places there though.

Don’t get me wrong. I have had other laptop problems before, including the virus and worms dilemma because the Firewall wasn’t that cooperative causing me to do major reformatting. I’ve been a victim of fake operating systems installation before too because the technician was so second rate that the OS CD he had was just copied from another lousy pirate. Come on, Service Pack 3? You have got to be kidding me. But these are the problems you encounter once in a while. The unpredictable battery for laptop would often cause you troubles on a daily basis while the laptop chargers who can’t find their place in this world adds up to it.

Lap top batteries are rechargeable right? Meaning they can go for full charge by the application electrical energy. Basically the electrochemical cells react with electrochemical reaction and they can be totally reversible and restored. A battery for laptop has this chemical composition lithium ion polymer because they store more energy power not to mention lower cost manufacturing and being more resistant to physical damage. So does this mean that they don’t really go haywire and just decide to explode anytime they feel like i? This then reminds me, there was this article last week on the net about an IBM thinkpad battery that went amok. Don’t get me wrong; no matter how I condemn my Pavilion, I wouldn’t want its battery to explode that easily. If that happens, I’ll do something weird, like chop the laptop charger into pieces. That was an exaggeration but you get the picture.

I don’t want any battery for laptop messing up with me and any laptop battery problem for that matter. Its wicked especially when you’re at the peak of breathing easily because you’re about to finish work and all that, only you wouldn’t be able to because it refuses to cooperate. Not to mention the scenario wherein the laptop chargers decide to connive with the battery for laptop too. In this case, put a bullet through your head. So much easier that way.

Or you can walk to the nearest internet café and rent a NASA style unit complete with the computer accessories. If all the batteries and laptop chargers in the world are going to act in an uncooperative way, what’s the sense that they were invented for?

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