Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thinkpad Battery

Last year there were lots of recalls regarding the ThinkPad battery. The life span of a battery for laptop would usually extend up to two and a half hours. But now, those stuffs would be like totally rare that if you’re the constant traveler, be sure to keep a spare with you, and of course the charger. Lenovo just did a recall last year involving free of charge replacement and shipment. To guarantee quality service, the company came up with an automated solution. The thinkpad has laptop battery software that you can repair or check. Basically, I thought this is just an external part. I did not know that you can actually connect it as a program. I mean a battery for laptop is as detachable as a woofer and speaker isn’t it?

I wonder if they have the same problems regarding a Presario or a Sharp battery. Because if they had then IBM and Lenovo would not have to experience tarnishing entirely. Seriously, a battery for laptop was meant to be for the expediency of mankind right, not to cause inconvenience. Take for example the thinkpad battery fiasco at the airport last September 2006. It actually caused the consumer’s notebook to be damaged and the overheating that caused the fire had to be put out by a fire extinguisher. That was in the airport for the love of God, where even plane delay can cause a riot let alone a minor fire. That must have been an untimely panic. That was no cheap battery because it was manufactured in Japan, wherein they have been considered as major kingpins in the world of technology. But then, who knows? Even though it had been a minor glitch, the thinkpad battery had the safety of an entire airport at stake. A battery for laptop going amok is one stern issue that the recall was surely a good idea.

There was this one news on the net recently about a laptop’s battery explosion. The after effect was a hideous and barely recognizable portable mainframe. Seriously, a laptop can be worth a fortune in just any country, particularly to those belonging in the Third World. You might guess now that why its such a big deal for a notebook to come at its ruins. Not only was safety the main issue but also how much money was spent in the past and the future. No battery for laptop will ever take the place of the things lost because hello, they’ll be like totally useless. Another thing, IBM’s were like the pioneers in this field, you’d think that they’re thinkpad battery would have made quite the difference. They did alright, in the most appalling way.

Basically the laptop battery recall is doing a good job. But as consumers, we should do our part. Once in a while, try removing the battery for laptop and plugging in the Ac adapter and the power chord. To avoid further incidents, one should obtain the genuine thinkpad battery at an authorized outlet.

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