Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Technology and Battery for Laptops

I admit I am a staunch fan of music, I love almost all the time sounds like any of the subjects in my ears, but all to some degree. Technology has advanced enormously in recent years and such advances have come on the field of music with the creation of MP3's, MP4's and Ipods. These rigs, ever smaller and more capable, can listen to music at home, travel by car, bus or train, or just when you want to disconnect. So far so normal.

But how many times have you wanted to call a friend or acquaintance and could not be due to the casquitos carrying on? Is that it already is becoming more common because MP3 players are becoming more accessible to the population because their price has come down considerably and now almost all have an MP3 player and who is not, you have more than one.

It is understandable that some people listen to music when going to run, bike or even walking but this is not the case. I mean all who carry the MP3 player when they go home because the neighbor, who will work on foot because the work is two streets away, which between classes at school, college or university is put n the headphones ... And for what? But if in that minute or minute and a half is far from a house and another or between a classroom and the other is not going to be able to listen more than a quarter of a song! If it takes more to unwind the cables that reach casquitos destination! Is not it more important to find out if you call a colleague or even someone wants to alert you of any danger? Do not really annoys twenty times call someone screaming i hear you no bearing on the headphones on? I think so ... Or at least a little ... I think it is not necessary to be listening musiquita in those moments that can last the "journey"?

These are the reasons I have tried to show that you may be aware that one need not always listening to music, especially when you can not hear more than a piece of song. It seems really stupid, I think it is, but it's a detail, a fact of life that I believe should be allowed.

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