Sunday, April 4, 2010

Laptop chargers and AMD athlons

Connecting computers is difficult. Laptop chargers are an important part of computer charging. If this is not there then life can become very difficult. As for connecting computers:

Connect two computers via USB does not seem a big news today.
But what if we tell you that computers can be anywhere in the world? It iTwin offering, a company just introduced its first product you want to do just that.

The USB device is composed of two parts, each of which plugs into one of the computers you want to connect. Once this is done, and without installing any software, both are connected via the Internet safely, thanks to the encryption keys they share.

Thus we have a virtual drive with which to share data securely without having to configure anything, ideal for less technical users (those who have more knowledge and have ways to do it for free), as well as firewalls and skip avoids connection problems when using company servers as an intermediary.

Another thing we should be talking about:

AMD has shown its new ATI graphics card Eyefinity that lets users run six monitors from a single card.

The ATI Radeon family of cards designed for DirectX 11 features a new processor which the company says is equal in speed to the fastest supercomputaoras used in 2000.

The cards may show a theoretical maximum of 268 megapixels, the equivalent, according to the company, the human eye. Company engineers have spent more than a million hours developing the new graphics system.

The GPU has about 2,000 million transistors and capable of opening new applications such as videoconferencing, offering much higher quality.

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