Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Computers and Laptop Chargers

The word clone, in the world of computers is not something superior. Branded computers take the top spot because they are original and can be trusted. Thus a branded laptop charger or a hard disk drive is more expensive but durable. Computer clones however happen to have a brighter side. These computers are the reason the world has opened up. They are major cause of digital revolution brought about economic development all over the world. Amongst the business opportunities especially in the third world where the clones are found in plenty include cyber cafes, outscoring companies, online job searches, computer repair services and accessories. The computers have also made government agencies faster and accountable it discharging public matters. This has elevated economic achievements. Lower bank lending rate in both the international and money markets at national levels has seen the growth of small and medium scale business enterprises. This chain of events reciprocates the computer industry as more people get empowered enough to afford computer services like web design and software applications needed in the day to day running of a business.

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