Saturday, October 10, 2009

Newer generation laptop battery

Laptop batteries are essential part in every household. Every laptop around you needs a laptop battery without which it would be a useless piece of junk. Make sure that you get a good laptop, somthing that is reliable. With that you need a strong long life laptop battery. As of modern technology - Sanyo has introduced a new Eneloop battery within its range, Which have some very interesting features on paper. According to the manufacturer, these AA and AAA batteries can be recharged over 1,500 times (500 more than the rest of the market), keeping the energy within even three years.No pricing or availability have commented, but even more expensive than usual, I think that ultimately make us a favor both to our pockets as our planet, compared with disposables.

According to advertising, revolutionary in its sector: it comes preloaded (then you can use immediately after purchase), no memory effect and, most importantly, do not download although not used for months ... Total, which disappointed beyond words as I am with my many AA Nimh (1300 or 2600, from unknown brands to premium brands, both mounts mounts So I need new batteries again ... I wonder buy these, basically because I'm fed up that I was discharged without reaching a use, but if what you say their advertising is so exaggerated as it sounds, I never want to leave me the little money for nothing ...

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