Saturday, January 9, 2010

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uick and easy dissemination of information leads to effective communication. In the world of web technology, more and more ways have been developed to ensure smooth and effective communication in the web of the community.

Today, websites are trying to develop new ways to be more and more search engine friendly and easy to use. An interesting and informative website get good web links to the community. These web links to help the robots to crawl your site. The more degree of linkages and more user friendly search engine. However, the method of creating the site in XML has become a useful means to help the robots to index web sites effectively.

What is a XML Sitemap?

An XML Sitemap contains a list of URLs of a website have been crawled by the robots of Web search engines. The Webmaster has the XML sitemap in search engines. He or she includes information about every single URL on a website, such as changes or adding new pages, the last time a website has changed and so on. This process helps the search engine robots to easily index website effectively.

Advantages of XML Sitemap

Create XML sitemap is very useful. The benefits of XML site listed below:

1. If a site has a huge "database" of resources that are linked wrong, the web bots can not index correctly. Therefore, XML Sitemap Guide web visitors all web pages in a website.
2. If the site is developed in Ajax or Flash then the search engine bots can not access the contents. Again, the XML Sitemap is friutful.

Some tools for creating XML Sitemap

* Sitemap Generator [Java Web Based]
* Google Sitemap Gen [Python]
* Windows application SiteMapBuilder.NET [. NET]
* Site Map Builder [Web Based]
* XML Sitemap Drupal [PHP]
* Google Sitemaps snippets in ASP [ASP server-side]
* Gsitemap [Windows]

Ways to create XML sitemap

* Get detailed and easy explanation of the creation of XML Sitemap. Enter the domain name of a website on the Sitemap XML tool
* Select options in the format
* Copy everything delivered by the tool
* Upload the newly created XML sitemap in the web server
* Go to the search engines. In this regard, visit the Google search engine
* Go to Google Webmaster Tools
* Add the website webmaster tool
* Click on the section sitemap
* You must add your Sitemap to your website.
* Select the type of site. There are four formats of general knowledge of the website, mobile site map, site search code and video from the site.
* Enter the name of the page
* Click on the button below to approve it

In the case of general website can also manually add new pages in the HTML file and then select the "Resubmit Selected" option in the section of the site. Therefore, if you want to make your website search engine easier to use and then do more to create XML Sitemaps.

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