Monday, June 20, 2011

Laptop Battery Power

A laptop charger replenishes a laptop’s battery power. This device can develop a number of complications that one can easily handle at home. Because the charger is constantly exposed to high voltage, the plastic cover can with time be frayed. This may expose the charger’s wiring system making it a household health hazard especially to children.

Simply melt a piece of a plastic container not in use. Drop the hot liquid plastic on the charger’s melted region and allow it to cool. It advisable to use a container that is of the same color as the charger. A laptop may also fail to work properly because the potion going into the computer is dirty. Simply clean the tip using cotton wool dipped in isopropyl alcohol to help wipe out magnetic and fillings that stick on the metal tip.

For charger tips that might be slightly bent, use your hand and not a tool like plies to straighten the tip. This is because the squeezing effect inserted by these tools can flatten the tip by reshaping its radius in a unhelpful way.

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