Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reliable Battery Chargers

Greed is a constituent of cyber crimes. This is when talking of people who engage in this type of crimes to attain personal financial ends. Cyber crimes can also be committed at a higher level. Governments and multi-nationals have been known to take on in this kind of operations either to protect the county’s or a business’ interests.

Hacking into government savers to have a glimpse of their economic or military capacities is done using high level experts. These experts are at time hired by the governments or the corporations but there are those who work a lone. All one needs to pull this kind of stunt is a laptop with internet connection. A reliable laptop charger and power source is enough material to send a virus into an important institution’s system to either disable it or destroy it completely.

These kind experiences have taken crimes committed over the internet to the level of internet war-fare. This is main reason countries like China are deeply concerned about the use of the net. China spends billions to make sure none of its citizens are exposed to certain sites and ideologies that may destabilize the government.

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Jackie Darrington said...

Sorry, I'm a bit slow on the uptake sometimes, but when you say battery chargers is that the AC adapter? I ask because I'm looking at universal ac power adapters to use with my HP laptop and I need all the tips on finding a good one that I can get.