Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hazards of Laptop Batteries

We live in a world where the greatest of all skills happens to be competence to use a computer. Teaching your child how to use a computer is for this reason one of the greatest learning and communication gift you can give to a daughter, a son, niece or nephew.

To teach a child how to use computers effectively; have the child sit on your lap in front of the computer. You can then start by operating the device using the mouse or the keyboard slowly paying attention to his concentration. This is because he or she might at first be attracted to various components of the machine hence his attention may keep shifting.

You can then choose a social website the child is familiar with as this will encourage and motivate the child’s curiosity. Show the child how to navigate the site and how go about handling the mouse. Once he or she has learnt the technique, give the child ample time to practice. The laptop charger must be kept away from the child when going through this exercise because it can burn a child’s skin accidentally.

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