Sunday, May 20, 2012

Batteries for laptop

When leaving for a business trip home or abroad, laptops are always top of the list in the list of things to carry on the trip. Many are accustomed to this practice to an extent that they rarely view carrying a laptop out doors as such a big issue. The truth is that having your laptop outdoors increases your chances of losing the machine in more than one way. There are a number of tips that one can follow to avoid incidents like this from happening.

One of the possible ways of losing a laptop is by using it in a plane next to an open container filled with liquid substance. Because there is no enough room in a plane, the drink can spill over and damage the laptop. Do not use a laptop charger when making hurried business presentations. This is because you can easily leave the charger behind and this might mean spending to replace it. When in cities you are not familiar with, leave the laptop in your hotel room and if you must carry it with you then use a safer mode of transportation like a taxi.

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