Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Small Laptop Batteries

One of the biggest threats of globalization is cyber crimes. Internet fraud has caused many around the world financial and personal image damage. Cases of privacy infringement have also been reported by hundreds of thousands of people if not millions. This makes cyber crime a dreadful event that can occur to anyone. There are countries; especially in the developing world where laptops have been smuggled into prisons by prisoners in collaboration by warders. The smuggled machines usually have small laptop chargers to conceal it from the prison population when charging the machine within the premises secretively. They are then used in the wee hours of the night crack into bank systems and those of mobile phone companies to get the details of potentially rich people with possible large sums of money in their accounts. This is just a special group of hackers. Others operate from within the society. This are considered the most dangerous system hackers because they are accessible to the latest hacking software that put all internet users in danger.

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